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JMCaps Vietnam Co., Ltd

Founded in 1989, JM CAPS CO., LTD started as a small-sized OEM cap factory in Taichung, Taiwan. It was the most prosperous period of Taiwanese cap manufacture industry back then. Thereafter, JM CAPS VIETNAM CO., LTD was built in 1996 to exploit labor advantage in Vietnam. Moreover, in respond to our clients’ needs for diversified materials and accessories at competitive prices, JM Caps also has sourcing office in Mainland China.

  Our 11,380 square meters production site is located at Binh Duong Province, Vietnam, housing our main office building, a cap factory, two garments factories, an embroidery factory, a sample room as well as a warehouse. More than 700 workers are working at the site, specializing in the production of caps, visors, hat, costumes, sportswear, pants, jackets, and vests in jersey fabrics.

  Since 2002, JM CAPS have passed multiple inspections demanded by buyers and products from the plants are now exported to North America, Europe, and Asia markets.

Services: Headwear OEM,Garment OEM

Service Zone:Japan & Korea, North America, Europe

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